Bet anyone,


at any time

Social Betting App

Shiggle is the UK’s first social betting platform that lets you bet against anyone, about anything, at any time.


Shiggle is a groundbreaking social betting app with 100% user-generated content.


This concept required a unique modern mobile app supported by a complex social betting system


  1. Design the system architecture for a large and very complex system that integrates elements of betting with elements of social networks

  2. Create secure, high performance and low latency betting components that rival the biggest sportsbook providers

  3. Build a custom social network designed to fit in with existing social media features and practices whilst incorporating an innovative new betting platform

  4. Design a modern web and mobile app package that allows Shiggle’s users to log in from any browser and any Android or iOS device

  5. Take the first of its kind app through the Gambling Commission‘s rigorous compliance process and pass the Technical Standards test based on ISO/IEC 27001


Shiggle was a full-service software development project that required a highly scalable enterprise architecture. The player-facing application had to provide an intuitive and consistent user experience for both social and betting audiences


  1. Our experience with robust, secure and high-performance betting systems allowed us to design a custom betting platform and build it from the ground up

  2. Following lean development principles, we delivered a functional MVP which allowed the concept to be tested in the real world whilst development continued

  3. Our industry knowledge of gambling and compliance meant that the product was designed and built to regulatory standards from day one – saving valuable time in the licensing process

  4. Using the latest technologies we quickly created an app that works in any browser as well as in the Google Play and Apple App stores, all from the same codebase

  5. We managed the project entirely from start to finish whilst continuously gaining feedback and incorporating changes


Shiggle is now live at and available in both the Google Play and the Apple App stores. Shiggle is a totally new concept, and the rapid development we provided has allowed us to bring the product to market first


  1. Shiggle now has a live app which is acquiring customers at an ever increasing rate

  2. Shiggle is in the best possible position to be granted a licence by the Gambling Commission. This will provide customers with a real money betting experience and in turn generate profits for the business

  3. Shiggle has a scalable social betting network that will cope with the estimated volumes of traffic

  4. Shiggle has the maximum potential to reach customers with an app that is available through any browser as well as any Android or iOS device

  5. Shiggle has the infrastructure ready in place to be able to start monetising the service as soon as the gambling licence application is finalised