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Mobile gambling app

PlayCrowd brings you the slickest, quickest and most exciting real money gambling concepts exclusively to your mobile device.


Playcrowd came to us with a prototype of their revolutionary peer to peer gaming app. They engaged us to complete the product and take it to market ensuring the rigorous gambling licensing requirements were met.


  1. Take an incomplete app from a freelance developer and fix it without changing the core technology stack and without any knowledge transfer

  2. Create an intelligent peer to peer gaming system that matches players according to their stake amount and location and with speed as a high priority

  3. Rewrite large parts of the prototype to ensure ISO/IEC 27001 compliance

  4. Implement new secure components to meet regulatory requirements

  5. Take the application through the Gambling Commission‘s rigorous compliance process and pass the Technical Standards test based on ISO/IEC 27001


Playcrowd chose us because of our extensive experience in the gambling, security and compliance industries, and our ability to build intelligent high-performance systems which complement our mobile app development skills


  1. Rapid testing and analysis of the app before we started working allowed us to assess the major issues and instantly determine that the app would not pass compliance in its original state

  2. Focussing on the major security and compliance failures allowed us to accelerate the timeline until the app would be compliance-ready – a key factor for gambling startups

  3. Development of the complex matching system was possible because of our expertise in high throughput, low latency server systems

  4. Our experience and expertise in working with legacy systems ensured we were able to refactor the app iteratively whilst retaining and enhancing its core look and feel

  5. We were able to put the app live in the Apple App store and then continuously monitor and maintain it’s complex subsystems because of our complete hosting and support solutions


Playcrowd’s Tossr app is now completely licensed by the Gambling Commission and is live in the Apple App store (and soon to be in the Google Play store). This is a crucial first step for Playcrowd as it is their first game and allows them to start generating revenue whilst they develop the Playcrowd suite of games


  1. Playcrowd have a full UK gambling licence for their game, allowing them to offer their game for real money gambling

  2. The Tossr game now operates in the whole of the UK, giving them the chance to join existing gambling operators in profiting from the £13.8 billion gross gambling yield every year in Great Britain

  3. Playcrowd have a secure and high performance app that will allow them to handle the large amounts of user traffic they receive

  4. Playcrowd can offer a completely new peer to peer real time betting experience that is unlike anything else available. The speed of development of the app has allowed them to be the first to market

  5. Playcrowd now have a live product to focus their marketing efforts on while they scale up operations and expand their mobile gaming suite