The translation app for travellers

Real time translation

whym is a live translation app that gives travellers anywhere in the world, at any time of day, access to a professional interpreter.


whym had an existing app and they wanted to quickly implement some advanced features to improve the customer experience and to be positioned to reach into global markets


  1. Take an existing application from another development team and improve it without any knowledge transfer

  2. Internationalise the application into multiple languages including Mandarin

  3. Add Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities to allow customers to make calls using mobile data or WiFi to help them avoid roaming costs

  4. Implement multiple different payment options for different countries whilst keeping a seamless user experience


whym contacted us because of our ability to rapidly adopt existing projects, our experience with modern mobile apps and the high attention to detail we pay to all our projects.

  1. Thorough requirements gathering and assessment of the app allowed us to estimate accurately and hit the ground running

  2. Tackled the key features first to get the app to market fast and get vital feedback

  3. Identified unnecessary features that could be excluded, saving time and money

  4. Seamlessly integrated traditional cellular network calling with custom built VoIP calling through the internet

  5. Internationalised the whole app by allowing all the text to be translated instantly and provided multiple payment options in one simple interface


whym’s new app is now live in the Google Play and Apple App stores, providing thousands of travellers and businesses the ability to instantly communicate with anyone anywhere in the world


  1. whym can now offer their service to almost 1.2 billion people who speak some form of Chinese as their first language

  2. whym’s customers can now make all calls to translators using the internet instead of incurring expensive roaming bills

  3. whym’s customers have a wide array of payment methods offered to them within the app (including methods specific to China)

  4. The app now has the necessary features to allow whym to attract more users and to easily monetise their service for all customers

  5. whym are able to keep a larger percentage of their profit by no longer having to exclusively use in-app purchases to allow customers to top up their credit (avoiding the 30% fee charged by the app stores)